Handcrafted Leather Creations Inspired By Nature

Come in! Have a seat.

You probably found us because you believe in dragons, fairies, and magic of all sorts. (We do too.)

Or maybe you’re just looking for a super comfy collar for your best furry friend. (Our huskies tell us that our leather collars are 36.457% more comfortable than any other collars they've ever run in. Yep.)

Whichever it may be, Frost & Ember understands.

We’re the ones who ran out into the woods as kids. With a trusty dog (I mean, wolf companion) and a stick in hand (of course, it was actually an enchanted sword). We dreamed of finding the magic out there in the natural world. Whether it was by horse-back or dog-sled, we wanted to explore and see it.

We wanted traditionally made leather equipment for our pups and us to explore with, but we didn't want to compromise our beliefs in protecting the magical, natural world that we love so much. So Frost & Ember began with a few leather dog collars handcrafted in a rented cellar.

Of course we soon became jealous of the smooth leather our pups strutted around with. So we had to make creations of our own. Through the magic of traditional leathercraft, our own apparel took form as leather armor, belts, and pouches. (What better to have adventures in?)

As the shop grew, we were able to move Frost & Ember from the rented cellar to a beautiful leather studio nestled in the woods of the southern Finger-lakes region in NYS. Here, the shop is powered entirely by solar panels mounted on the studio’s roof.

Now, we still set off into the woods with our furry friends at our side. (And occasionally a stick will still become an enchanted sword, but now we have armor to go with it.) Whether it's a leash braided like the vines up a tree or carving a wide belt to look like living wood, we continually find inspiration for our leather crafting in the magic of the forest. We hope to continue crafting leather to explore this magical world and we hope you and your pack will share our adventures.

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